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Ordering and delivery questions
How can I buy your products online?

There are three ways in which you can buy our products online:

- 48 Hour Alfajor Boxes Delivery. Place your order here.

- One-Time Empanada Box Delivery: Place your order here.

- Monthly Subscription: Place your order here.

Where do you deliver?

Allen, Addison, Carrollton, Celina, Coppell, Dallas, Farmers Branch, Flower Mound, Frisco, Garland, Highland Park, Las Colinas, Lewisville, Little Elm, McKinney, Plano, Prosper, Richardson, The Colony.

What days and times can I get my delivery?

- 48 Hour Alfajor Boxes are delivered 48 hours after you place your order.

- One-Time Empanada Boxes and Monthly Subscriptions are delivered first Friday of each month and/or the following Saturday. 

Friday delivery is from 3pm to 6pm. Saturday delivery is from 11am to 3pm.

Delivery Areas Info

Do you include any invoice or dollar amount with the shipment?

No, we don't.

Can I choose the flavors that come in the boxes?

With the one-time order you can choose the empanadas and mini tarts flavors you like. With subscriptions you can't but you will receive different flavors each month so you can try the all!

How do I place a Catering order?

There is a minimum catering order of $400.
If you would like to get a quote for a catering service, please fill out this form.

What is the shelf life of the alfajores, cones and pies?

Alfajores and cones will last in their packaging for about 10 days, pies for 7 days at room temperature. We suggest putting them in the fridge if not consuming them by 10 days upon arrival. They come to room temperature in only a couple of hours.

Do you have any gluten free varieties?

No, we don't make any gluten free alfajores at the moment.

What are the allergens in your alfajores?

Wheat, Milk, Coconut.

If I am allergic to nuts, is it safe to order any of your food items?

We bake our food items in a commercial kitchen where other allergens are manipulated. It is possible that any of our food items may have come in contact nut substance. Therefore, if you have an allergy to nuts, please be aware of this danger. We recommend you do not order any of our cookies or brownies if the allergy is severe.

How do subscriptions work?
How does the subscription work?

1. You Order your subscription.

2. Your food items are prepared the same day we deliver.

3. We deliver subscriptions the first Friday of each month and/or the following Saturday. Delivery Friday is from 3pm to 6pm, delivery Saturdays are from 11am to 3pm. You will need to choose the time someone will be home for your delivery. We charge $15 if we need to deliver a second time.

4. You enjoy a healthy and wholesome meal with your family until next month's delivery.

Questions about subscriptions
How long is the subscription for?

Subscriptions are for 6 months. After that, you can renew it. 

What benefit do I get from subscribing?

Depending on the subscription, you save between $5 to $20 and you get free delivery from each box you receive.

Do I need to pay for the 6 months subscription in advanced?

No, you are charged once a month for 6 months.

What does my monthly box include?

Boxes contain: 18 empanadas, 3 mini tarts OR 1 Spanish potato tortilla, 12 traditional alfajores and 1 mini pie.

Each month you will receive different flavors of each food item.  

What happens with my subscription if I'm out of town that weekend?

This is a great opportunity to gift that box to a neighbor, a teacher, a first responder or someone else! Just let us know the person's name and address and we will deliver to them instead!

How many subscription items do you offer?

We have 4 subscription products. Regular box, vegetarian box, 12 box alfajores and 24 box alfajores. Here are the details:

Baked By V Regular Box

- 18 Empanadas: Any of these: organic beef, caprese and/or sweet creamy corn.

- 3 Mini Tarts OR Spanish Potato Tortilla

  Mini Tarts - Any three of these flavors: Butternut squash, Onions, Ham & Cheese, Spinach, Sweet peas, Sweet creamy corn.

- 12 Dulce de Leche Traditional Alfajores

- 1 Mini Pie. Any one of these flavors: Havannet, Quince, Coconut and Dulce de Leche, Lemon.

Baked By V Vegetarian Box 

- 18 Empanadas: Any of these: caprese and/or sweet creamy corn.

- 3 Mini Tarts OR Spanish Potato Tortilla

    Mini Tarts -  Any three of these flavors: Butternut squash, Onions, Spinach, Sweet peas, Sweet creamy corn.

- 12 Dulce de Leche Traditional Alfajores

- 1 Mini Pie. Any one of these flavors: Havannet, Quince, Coconut and Dulce de Leche, Lemon.

Baked By V 12 Alfajores Box

- 12 Dulce de Leche Alfajores Box:

6 Traditional, 3 covered with Dark Chocolate, 3 covered with White Chocolate.

Baked By V 24 Alfajores Box 

- 24 Dulce de Leche Alfajores & Cones Box:

6 Traditional Alfajores, 6 Alfajores covered with Dark Chocolate, 6 Alfajores covered with White Chocolate, 6 Cones covered with Dark Chocolate and 6 Cones covered with Dark Chocolate

What is a Spanish potato tortilla?

A Spanish potato tortilla is a traditional Spanish dish that is typically served as a tapa or light meal.

Baked By V Makes it "Our Style". Argentina received so many Spaniard immigration and with them the "tortilla española" arrived in Argentina and was introduced to us by many of our grandparents or parents.

The dish consists of a thick omelet made with potatoes, onions, and eggs. The potatoes are usually sliced thinly and fried in olive oil until they are soft and tender. The eggs are then beaten and mixed with the potatoes and onions before being cooked in a pan until the omelette is set. 

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